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Week beginning 25th January

Afternoon Lessons

Monday - Topic

Today's topic lesson will help you to understand how Baghdad influenced modern medicine

Part 1: Read the information about the early Islamic doctors Muhammad ibn Zakariya Razi and Abu al-Qasim Khalaf ibn al-Abbas Al-Zahrawi. Use the 'Influence on Modern Medicine' worksheet to write notes about the discoveries and techniques by early Islamic doctors and about what we know today for the various fields of medicine (Ophthalmology, Paediatrics, Disease, Surgical Tools and Surgical Techniques). 

Part 2: Look at the PowerPoint, which will compare treatments of a Headache, Fever and Problems in Childbirth. Treatment A is the treatment during the Early Islamic Era and Treatment B is the treatment in the Middle Ages - write these down on the Comparing Treatments worksheet. Use your own knowledge and write down the treatment in the Modern era. Decide which of the treatments you would prefer and explain why. 

Tuesday - RE

This week we are looking at the importance of trying to put things right. Watch the stories and think about the questions asked. The stories are about some form of forgiveness. Look at the scenarios and think about whether you would be forgiving or not and give your reasons why.

Wednesday - Computing 

Following the instructions on the document below, you are going to create your own hand-drawn webpage using the information you collected last week about Bill Gates. Follow the instructions of each of the first three slides and then design web page. Once you have designed your web page, read the information on slide 4 and complete your evaluation! 

Thursday - PE

Have a look at the suggestions at the bottom of the Y5/6 Home Learning Page!

Friday - PSHE

Friday - Spanish

This afternoon you will be continuing with your Spanish learning! You will be using your knowledge of numbers and saying how old you are from last lesson, to write about some children of different ages. Read through the PowerPoint, practise your vocabulary and then complete the worksheet. If you need to, go back to last week's page to listen to the voice clips.