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Week beginning 29th March

DT Project 

Every afternoon this week we are going to be working on a DT project, to make an animal with a moving tongue as part of our 'Awesome Animals' topic. 

Please follow the information on the presentation, answer the questions when required and try your best to make your model. You could use an object like a tissue box for its body if you don't have any card at home and stretched out paper clips or rolled up tin-foil if you don't have any wire. 

The photograph examples below are from a previous year when we all made chameleons - this year you are able to choose any animal! 

Extra Lesson

You have now completed your unit on 'Should we forgive others' so our final week before the end of term will be looking at the Easter Story. You have a story to read, a comic strip to make and a wordsearch to complete. Happy Easter!