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Week beginning 29th March

In English this week, we will consolidate some of the grammar and punctuation skills we have learnt throughout the year. Hopefully, you will feel confident with the activities. If not, do not worry as you now have the chance to practise these skills again!

Monday 29th March

In today's lesson, we will recap adverbs, adverbial phrases and fronted adverbials. Whilst they sound similar, each has a different role. Can you tell which is which?

Tuesday 30th March

Today, you will be up-levelling simple sentences and bring them to life by adding fronted adverbial, expanded noun phrases and subordinating conjunctions. We cannot wait to read your amazing sentences!

Wednesday 31st March

Today, we will be revisiting apostrophes for plural possession. Work through the activities to deepen your understanding and master this often puzzling punctuation!

Thursday 1st April

In the final English lesson of this half-term, you will practise inverted commas (speech marks). Can you remember all the rules for correctly punctuating direct speech?