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Week beginning 4th January

Afternoon Lessons

Monday - Topic (History) 

Today we are going to begin our topic work on the ancient civilisation of Baghdad. 

Read through the information below, watch the video and complete some of your own research so that you can make notes on the Location, Features, Life and History of Ancient Baghdad using the Importance of Baghdad worksheet. 

Location - Where is Baghdad? Why was the city built here? 

Features - Who created the city? What key buildings were placed here and why? Why are the roads so important? 

Life in Baghdad - Who ruled the empire? How did the people of Ancient Baghdad spend their days? Why were scholars attracted to Baghdad? 

History - When was the city of Baghdad created? Why is Baghdad often regarded as the 'Cultural and Learning capital of the world'? What caused the city to decline? 

Tuesday - RE 

We are looking at forgiveness in this lesson and what happens if there is no forgiveness. Open the document below, read the story and click on the link to the next story. Think about the questions on the slides in the document and consider how you would answer them. On the final slide, follow the instructions and set out your page in this way to complete the task.

Wednesday - Computing 

Unit Introduction: How have people impacted technology over time? 

Watch the video linked below and read the information on the PowerPoint. 

Read the information on the document below and think about the questions that have been asked. It's important to recognise that searches of the web need to include specific terms and phrases. 

Task: Create your own ideas bank of words, phrases and questions you would search when finding out about a significant figure in the technological world. 

Thursday - PE 

Have a look at the suggestions at the bottom of the Y5/6 Home Learning Page!

Friday - PSHE

*Tenacious Toucans* Many of you have completed this PSHE lesson in school on Monday. Please have a go at the topic lesson listed as Monday instead. Sorry for the confusion! Miss Winkley

We are beginning our new PSHE unit: Identity, society and equality: Stereotypes, discrimination and prejudice (including tackling homophobia)
Today's lesson will be focusing on stereotyping, including gender stereotyping. Please read through the slides and take part in the three thinking tasks. Discuss your thoughts with family and friends. 

Friday - Spanish

This afternoon you will be continuing with your Spanish learning! We will be re-capping numbers to 15 today as well as learning some more numbers up to 20. Have a read through the PowerPoint and complete the activity.