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Week beginning 6/12/21

Monday - History- Viking Place Names

Evidence of the Vikings can be found all around us from the ruins of houses, to precious objects and even skeletons of Viking men and women, but one key piece of evidence that we see all the time is something we might not even realise is of Viking origin: the names of the places we live. Vikings settled all across the country, but the densest population was found in Yorkshire, where they had their capital city, and it is here where we see more Viking place names than anywhere else.


When the Vikings settled in York, they clearly had trouble saying the Saxon name for the city: Eoforwic (which is thought to mean wild boar settlement), so decided to call it Jorvik (thought to mean wild boar creek). 


Task- Complete the place name sheet below. You will need to think of examples of places in Yorkshire (or other places in britain) which end with the Viking place name ending such as Whitby. You could use an atlas/map to help or ask grown ups too for ideas!

Tuesday - Spanish

Today we will learn how to say the days of the week in Spanish. Listen to and watch the song and then complete the task sheets. There is a poster you could print off and stick on your wall too. 

Wednesday- Viking Musical Instruments

Follow the link below to the Jorvik website where you will find video clips of Viking musical instruments being played. Which is your favourite? Which is most unusual? Which are similar to instruments played today? Which would you most like to try out?

Thursday- DT/Art- Viking Longships

Have a go at the Viking longship craft activity below. (activity option 1). You will need scissors, a glue stick and a printer. If you don't have these, perhaps you could have a go at drawing/colouring/painting a Viking longship instead using the video tutorial to help (activity option 2)


Use today to catch up on/complete any afternoon lessons from the week so far (even if you have been in school this week up until today, there will be lessons that are different to those done in school)