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Week beginning 7th December

Monday Afternoon - DT Lesson 1

In DT we are going to design and create our own Christmas Gingerbread house. In school you will be working in groups but if you are having to isolate at home, ask an adult to buy some gingerbread ingredients so that you can make your house in lesson 3 which will be next week.

Tuesday afternoon - RE

In todays lesson we will be learning about the religious laws that are followed by Jews.


Wednesday afternoon - Computing and Spanish

Computing - Internet Safety Lesson 4

Thursday afternoon - PE

Choose some exercise to complete at home to get your heart pumping and build your muscle strength. If you are struggling for ideas, take a look at our PE and Sports Blog.

Friday afternoon - PSHE

You may want to discuss the content of this lesson with an adult at home. You will be exploring how the media alters our reality on what beauty is.