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Week Commencing 10.05.2021

Sensory Activities 

Frozen Sensory Play

Find different small objects around your house or garden and place them carefully into an ice cube tray, top up with water and leave them to freeze. Once frozen, enjoy chipping or melting away the ice to reveal your treasures.

You could experiment with different sized containers, find out if a smaller ice cube tray freezes faster than a cup.

Water play activity

Fill a small container with water and then find different objects to place in the water. You could use flowers, leaves or twigs from the garden. Then have fun fishing the objects out of the water, you could use a large spoon to do this. You could collect all the same colour objects first or the same size objects. 


Do all the objects float or do some sink to the bottom? 




Pasta Sensory Play

Thread pieces of pasta onto a straw, piece of string or shoelace. How many pieces of pasta can you fit onto the straw or string? 


You could also use paint or colouring pens to colour the pasta different colours. 






Use the sheet below to write a recount of our trip to Harewood House