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Weekly Homework

Homework for Friday 9th October 2020. 

Please complete by Wednesday 14th October. 


Thank you for sending in homework for last week via the tier group emails. Please continue to do so for the time being as this is classed as 'home learning' communication and enables us to be as Covid-19 safe as possible.


Maths- see attached homework linking to this half term's KIRF (Key Instant Recall Fact) targets of knowing number bonds to 10 and addition and subtraction facts to 5. The children have worked hard on their targets at school this week, particularly with bonds to 10 through using pairs of Numicon pieces, Hit the Button games online and playing bonds to 10 bingo. Recall is definitely improving. Well done Elephants! For the addition and subtraction facts, your child may need some support by using objects to count out and for the number bonds to 10 robots, they could use their fingers or objects to help if needed. 


Spelling- see attached homework linking to the Year 1 Common Exception words. Again, the children are making progress with the reading and spelling of these words at school and are starting to apply this more independently in their writing- super! 


Please let us know if you are having an issues accessing or completing the homework tasks or don't have access to a printer.