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Writing at Greenside

Welcome to the 'Writing' page on our school website. We hope you find the resources here useful to help you become the best writer you can be!


In school, we follow the Philip Webb ‘5-Phase Approach’ to Writing. Each unit of work starts with a 'hook' where you will make predictions about the text type you will be learning to write. Next, you will read the WAGOLL text ('what a good one looks like') and develop your understanding of the vocabulary by exploring the meanings of words and phrases in context. After that, you will identify the text features of the writing genre before practising the grammar, punctuation and sentence structures within the WAGOLL. Finally, you will be ready to plan, draft and edit your writing. Each year, you will learn to write a range of genres such as narratives, recounts, persuasion, arguments, non-chronological reports and many more!

Non-Screen Writing Activities

Try these 25 fun and creative activities to inspire your writing, without the need for a screen. Can you rise to the challenge?

Useful Resources:

Please find below useful resources to support you with your writing. Remember, there are lots of handy grammar facts in your Pupil Planners, along with your Education City login details to access hundreds of writing resources. If there's anything else you feel would improve your writing, please speak to your class teacher who will be more than happy to help!

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