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Year 1 and 2

Suggested Daily Timetable for Remote Learning

We have attached a suggested timetable for Year 1 and 2 children to follow if they are learning remotely. You will then find all the assigned learning and resources for each day by scrolling down this page to each relevant section (Phonics, Spelling, Maths, English, Guided Reading Y2 and Afternoon Lessons). 


Each week, Mrs Fuller will pre-record an assembly for you to watch at some point in the week. Please take a look in the folder below and click on the link to watch the assemblies.


Read, Write Inc (our phonics scheme at school) deliver daily 'Speed Sound Lessons' on their YouTube page. The lessons will focus on a different sound every day and each lesson is available for 24 hours from 9:30am. See below for your child's phonics group so that you know which online lesson to follow each day. Follow the links below for a daily schedule and the daily online lesson. 

*Please note that once the sounds in a set have been taught, the videos will begin again from the start of that set which for Set 2 is ay and Set 3 is ea. At this point, it is up to you whether to repeat the videos if you feel your child is not yet secure with the sounds in that set, to focus on the 'spelling video' each day which goes alongside the reading video for each sound and/or choose some of the phonics resources on our phonic page to consolidate and apply their understanding. We would ask you to check with your child's teacher before moving on to the next set of sounds.* 

Mrs Hodgson's group - Set 2 sounds (plus revise Set 1 sounds)

Miss Nicholas's group - Set 2 sounds (plus revise Set 1 split digraphs sh, ch, th, nk, ng)

Miss Robinson's group - Set 3 sounds (plus revise Set 2 sounds)

Mrs Shoesmith / Mrs Percival's group - Set 3 sounds (plus revise Set 2 sounds)

As well as the daily phonics video, we have a huge amount of high quality phonics resources to choose from on our main Phonics page on the school website.  Follow the links below to the Phonics page and the Phonics Home Learning Resources sub page where you can choose resources you would like to use with your child as you wish. 

Phonics Read Write Inc. E-Books

The phonics e-books to match our Read Write Inc scheme can be found by using your class Oxford Owl login details (emailed out to you) and these can be used to support your child's phonics and can be accessed at any point. We would highly recommend for your child to use these as well as Bug Club and real books to practise some daily reading. RWI ditty books and storybooks include phonic  words as well as red 'tricky words' which need to be learnt by sight. Please see appropriate book colours and stages below. 

Set 1: Sound Blending and Red Ditty
Set 2: Green and Purple

Set 3: Pink, Orange, Yellow, Blue and Grey

Spelling - Spelling Shed

To further support spelling development, children in Year 1 and 2 also have access to the online resource Spelling Shed. Attached is a parent user guide to support you in getting your child started with activities on here. Your child has been assigned activities to work on at their own pace. 



Guided Reading - Year 2 only

Afternoon Lessons

Continuous Provision Ideas - Year 1

In Year 1, as well as the more formal learning that takes place, our children access a provision classroom at various points in the day with areas set up to consolidate and extend their learning. Below are some ideas of how you could do this at home during an isolation period. The list is certainly not exhaustive but more to give you an idea of the sorts of activities that could supplement other learning your child is doing.