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Year 1 Maths

Week beginning 12th October

We have nearly finished our place value unit!

This week your first lesson is an activity to complete. Watch the teaching video called Comparing and complete the tasks you are asked to do during the course of the teaching video.

For the other lessons this week also refer to the teaching videos attached below for support.

Week beginning 19th October

This week we are starting a new Maths topic based on addition and subtraction. For all of the lesson activity sheets except for Thursday, use the teaching videos at the bottom of the page to help complete the lesson activity sheets. If you need some extra help, please get in touch with your class teacher. 


Thursday is time to practice this half term's KIRF target (Key Instant Recall Fact) of bonds to 10. There are 3 sheets to choose from: you can do them all or save some for a later date. The more you practice, the faster you get at recalling them! You can also use (or Google Hit the Button) to practice bonds to 10 at any time, not just during our isolation period.