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Year 5 and 6


English & Guided Reading


Whilst home learning, please spend at least 10 minutes each day on Spelling Shed online to practise your weekly spellings. 

Afternoon Lessons

PE Activities 

Click on the links below and have a go at one of the PE activities during your assigned afternoon PE slot during the week. There are lots of other ideas on the PE & Sport Blog too!

Real PE is the scheme we follow in school. They have developed Real PE at Home to support children in developing their fundamental skills. Once you have logged in (using the log in details sent via text), you will be able to choose skills you'd like to develop. Click on your chosen skill and work your way through the activities. The coloured skill videos (yellow through to black) increase in difficulty as you move along. Once you've mastered the skill in a coloured video, try the next colour! Then, try out the personal challenges found along the bottom of the screen.