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Year 5 and 6

Yrs 5/6 Home Learning Suggested Timetable - Updated!


Each week on Monday we are given our new spellings. Throughout the week we would complete 3 spelling activities in school with our new spelling words. On Friday these will be the words that we have been assigned on Spelling Shed to practise over the weekend for a spelling test the following Monday. You could complete a spelling activity before three of your English lessons each week you are having to home-school.

English - Grammar & Punctuation Activities

Week beginning 19th October

This week we want you to refresh your knowledge of the following grammar and punctuation rules: Active and Passive Voice so that you are able to correctly and consistently apply these skills in your independent writing. Read through the teaching PowerPoint lesson first. Then complete the quiz Powerpoint and one of the worksheets each day. You have also been assigned The Cave of Verbs activity to complete on Education City.


If you want further teaching videos, activities and games to practise your grammar and punctuation skills then remember to log on to Education City which has lots of resources under the Year 5 and Year 6 English tabs.

English - Guided Reading Focus

Week beginning 2nd November

For this week your guided reading will be based on our new class text. I won't give away what that text is just yet as your first lesson is a prediction lesson where you will have to try and work it out. I hope you enjoy the text you are going to be reading - it is one of my favourite's! smiley


Lesson 1 - For our first lesson you are going to be looking at the front cover of our new text and making predictions about what type of text you think we are going to be reading and what the text may be about.


Lesson 2 - You are going to be researching some of the strange vocabulary in our new text so that you understand it and completing a short RICs using some information about our new text.


Lesson 3 - You are going to start reading our new text and begin interpreting some of the phrases you come across to develop your understanding of the text.


Lesson 4 - You are going to complete a matching activity using some of the text you have read and matching it with items and explanations of these items.


Lesson 5 - You are going to retrieve information from the text to complete a 'True or False? Prove it!' activity.


I hope you enjoy exploring this great new text!

Afternoon Lessons:

Monday: Topic - Crime and Punishment through the ages.

Week beginning 19.10: Lesson 4 

WALT: Explore crime and punishment in the medieval and Tudor periods. 

Task 1: Read the information all about the crime and punishment in the medieval and Tudor periods. 

Task 2: Read Information sheet A in the activity booklet. Use the information you've read to fill in the gaps on Worksheet 4A

Task 3: Read Information sheet B in the activity booklet. Use the information you've read to decide which of the crimes and punishments belonged to the Norman and Early Medieval periods and which belonged to the Late Medieval and Tudor periods on Worksheet 4B

If you'd like to complete any of the other worksheets in the activity booklet, these are an optional extra. 

Tuesday: RE - Why are some places and journeys special?

Week beginning 19.10: Lesson 4 

WALT: Understand that Sikhs experience a personal journey of reflection. 

Task 1: Research the Golden Temple and why this is a special place to Sikhs. 

Task 2: Create a presentation or a fact file answering the following questions. 

- Why is the Golden Temple important to Sikhs? 

- Why might a Sikh visit the Golden Temple? 

- What might a Sikh do in the Golden Temple? 

Add some images or illustrations to your work. 

Wednesday: Art/Creative - Abstract Portraits

Wk beginning 19.10: Modigliani Art

WALT: Discover and imitate the work of Amedeo Modigliani.

Task: Read through the information sheet and then complete the activity.

Thursday: PE

Week beginning 19.10: We have been line dancing in you could get practising at home too!

Or, you can use the PE blog to help find some activities you could complete to stay as active as possible at home.

Friday: PSHE

Week beginning 19th October: Life Changes. Work through the Life Changes powerpoint and watch the video clip about the young boy starting at a new school. Complete Activity 1. Year 6 - also watch the next video clip about Shonny's move to secondary school and how she feels about this in 3 emojis. Then complete Activity 2 as well.


October is known in the UK as being Black History Month. It is a time to reflect upon and learn about outstanding black individuals who have changed history and influenced society. Read through the Black History month PowerPoint to find out more.

Learning Log Task:

Research your assigned individual (you could use the resources provided below as a starting point). Create a learning log about their life, achievements and contribution to society. As always, you can be as creative as you wish in how you present your findings. You may create a fact file, a movie, a piece of art, a biography, a news report...anything you decide to share their story for others to learn.

Year 5 - Chadwick Boseman

Year 5/6 - Matthew Henson

Year 6 - Michelle & Barack Obama

Please bring your learning log creation to school by 4th November.