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Year 5


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Year 5


Count up/down in thousands.


Read and write roman numerals to 1000.


Know number bonds to a 1000.

Know square numbers and square roots to 144.


Identify all multiples and factors including factor pairs.


Recall prime numbers up to 19.

Use doubling and halving as a mental division and multiplication strategy.


Know all times tables and division facts to 12 x 12 by instant recall.

Read and write decimals as fractions.


Be able to recall common equivalent fractions.


Know decimal number bonds to 1 and to the next whole number.


Add to the next 10 from a decimal number.


Add and subtract decimal numbers which are near multiples of 1 or 10.

Convert between common units of metric measurements (mm, cm, m, km, g, kg, ml, l).


Convert between units of time (minutes, hours, weeks, months, years).