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Years 5 and 6 Class Pages

Welcome to Year6!

We are the Creative Caimans (Y6), Tenacious Toucans (Y5/6) and Dazzling Dolphins (Y5) Classes!


Creative Caimans Staff Team: 

Miss Winkley - Class Teacher

Mrs Crossland - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Patel - PPA Cover Teacher


Tenacious Toucans Staff Team:

Mrs Brown - Class Teacher (Monday - Wednesday)

Mrs Percival - Class Teacher (Wednesday - Friday)

Mrs Hogg - Teaching Assistant

Mr Wareing - Teaching Assistant


Dazzling Dolphins Staff Team:

Miss Morris - Class Teacher

Mrs Kendall - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Begum - PPA Cover Teacher


Mr Lockwood - Deputy Headteacher - Maths teacher for some Year 6 pupils.


Useful Information

Entering School and Collecting your children. All of our classes will be using the Main Gate for pupils to enter and leave the school grounds at the beginning and end of each school day. Pupils will be met by a member of staff from their class between 8.45-8.50 at the doors that enter our cloakrooms. These are the green doors to the right of the main school entrance.


PE is on a Tuesday and Thursday for pupils in the Tenacious Toucans and Dazzling Dolphins Classes. PE is on a Thursday and Friday for pupils in the Creative Caimans class.

On Class PE days, pupils should come to school dressed in their PE kit.  


Homework is set on a Friday to completed by the following Wednesday. This is set on Mathletics and Spelling shed. Pupils must also read regularly at home and bring their reading book and planner to school each day. Children are expected to record at least 3 comments about what they have been reading in their planners each week.

The 'Useful links' below contains links to websites pupils can access to complete their homework and support their learning at home.

Year 6 SATs

Year 6 SATs will take place on the 9th -12th May 2023. 

We recognise that all pupils will feel differently about doing their SATs tests. We want all children to do their best in these assessments and try to ensure it is a positive experience for them all. 

For more information about what to expect on SATs week and for materials to support your children in preparing for these assessments, please see the information below. If you have any specific questions about your child, please get in touch with your child's class teacher who will be able to help.

Residential School Trips

In Year 5 and 6 we are very lucky to be able to offer children the experience of Residential School Trips. Find out more using the links below.

Autumn Term

Netball Tournament

In December, some pupils represented our school in a Netball competition.

Anti-bullying Week 2022

We began Anti-bullying Week on the 14th November with Odd Socks Day to help us recognise and celebrate that we are all different.

Science Autumn 2 - Evolution and Inheritance 

In November, we enjoyed our visit to Askham Bryan Wildlife and Conservation Park to support our learning for our Science topic on Evolution and Inheritance. The children all took part in a workshop, explored the zoo where they saw a wide range of animals and even had some time to visit the adventure play area. It was a super day, though we did get a bit wet in the afternoon!

Art Autumn 1: Architecture

We explored the amazing designs of Iraqi-British Architect, Zaha Hadid. 

Using her designs as inspiration, the children used a range of materials to create their own sculptures and building designs.

Science Week Autumn 1 - Light

Our first Science topic of the year was 'Light'. Here, we are exploring how light can be reflected to travel in different directions and how when light is blocked, shadows form.


At the beginning of October some of our pupils represented the school in a Dodgeball tournament.