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Online Learning Platforms

To support their leaning at home, your child has access to a number of online learning platforms for maths. These can be used during periods of home learning but also as platforms to further your child’s  learning outside of school hours. Many of these are used throughout school for classwork and  homework, so we encourage both you and your child to familiarise yourselves with the different online resources.

Mathletics (Year 1-6)

The Mathletics schedule follows the same structure as the White

Rose Maths Curriculum, which we follow in school. Tasks assigned by your child’s teacher will appear immediately once they log on (Log-ins are found in your child’s planner).


If your child has completed their assigned tasks, they will be able to access previously completed assignments (under the ‘learn’ tab) which they can redo in order to improve their score (and try to earn gold bars).

Under the ‘Explore’ tab, you can find further problem-solving activities and videos for your child to complete and view.

Under the ‘Play’ tab, your child can access the Live Mathletics, Multiverse and Rainforest Maths programs. These are levelled by Year group.


Times Table Rock Stars (Year 2-6)

Times Table Rock Stars is an excellent tool in supporting your child’s learning of their multiplication and division facts. Your child’s login is the same as Mathletics.

There are a range of single player and multiplayer games that your child can play:

  • Garage (1-minute game using focussed tables set by your child’s teacher).
  • Studio (1-minute games of all tables up to 12x12).
  • Festival, Arena and Rockslam (Multiplayer games against classmates)


Numbots (EYFS-Year 2)

Numbots is a new platform for supporting your child’s number recognition, addition and subtraction skills. Using this program will improve your child’s recall and understanding of number bonds, addition facts and subtraction facts.


There are 2 game modes:

Story Mode: the emphasis is on learning the ideas and concepts behind addition and subtraction so activities feature more diagrams, shapes and a range of question styles. Pupils work through activities in a progressive  manner and earn coins to build a robot.


Challenge Mode: the emphasis is more on speed of recall  of key facts such as number bonds to 10, doubling small numbers or adding/taking-away mentally. There are 20 different activities for your child to choose.