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Our Geography Intent


At Greenside Primary School, we recognise the importance of Geography as a fundamental part of our school curriculum. We believe in the upmost importance of Geography learning to both develop pupils’ understanding of their locality - Pudsey and Yorkshire - as well as foster their curiosity and fascination of the world and its people that extends far beyond our school and Pudsey. In an ever-changing world, we intend to provide pupils with the skills and knowledge to recognise their role as global citizens and be able to make positive contributions to the world as life-long geographers.


Our Geography curriculum is carefully planned into a progression model that clearly details the knowledge, skills and vocabulary children will learn and build upon throughout their learning. Learning lenses, which are plotted in each unit, provide a focus on key themes which occur across geography and allow children to form links with prior, current and future learning: Location, Physical Features, Human Features, Diversity, Physical Processes, Human Processes, Techniques, Vocabulary.


These lenses are also utilised to help children develop within the discipline of geography: we want children to be able to critically think, investigate and explore the physical and human aspects of the world to develop a greater understanding of the Earth’s processes and their role within it. This disciplinary knowledge interacts closely with their substantive knowledge as they encourage children to think deeply about the content, spot patterns, notice changes and ask meaningful questions about what they are learning, subsequently making their knowledge secure.


At Greenside, we intend to inspire curiosity and fascination for our world and its diverse places, people and resources through carefully planned learning vehicles that make learning real, relevant and interesting for our pupils. Geography is also woven throughout our curriculum so that purposeful links are made across many subjects. Furthermore, we enhance learning and bring geography to life by arranging visits and residentials to interesting geographical locations such as Whitby, Scarborough, Bolton Abbey and Weardale, and providing opportunities for pupils to complete fieldwork and work collaboratively outdoors, thus fostering an awareness of geography beyond the classroom.