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Personal Development

At Greenside Primary School, we are committed to to providing a purposeful and empowering curriculum that prepares learners, both academically and personally, for the next steps in their school career and the wider world. Our personal development provision is woven across all subjects of our school curriculum - as well as curriculum enhancements such as trips, visits and enrichment - and aims to provide our pupils with the knowledge and understanding they need make informed choices and to be a positive influence in the communities to which they belong.

Our Greenside Learning Powers

Personal development is a fundamental element of pupils’ learning at Greenside Primary School. This is reflected by our 'Greenside Learning Powers' which promote the key learning behaviours and attitudes of being responsible, determined, reflective, resourceful and effectiveThese are displayed in our classrooms and examples of pupils demonstrating these characteristics are celebrated in our weekly Celebration Assembly. 


Determined Learner

  • I persist and stick at things until I succeed.
  • I have a positive attitude to learning.
  • I can stay involved and avoid distractions.
  • I can set targets and have a go.
  • I can practise.


Responsible Learner

  • I can take on responsibility
  • I know right from wrong.
  • I don't allow excuses.
  • I take my time to get things right.
  • I can collaborate with others to learn.
  • I can learn independently.


Resourceful Learner

  • I can show initiative and learn in different ways.
  • I know how to ask questions in different ways.
  • If I get stuck, I know how to use learning resources to help me.
  • I will have a go.
  • I can use my imagination and try a different way.


Reflective Learner

  • I am curious about my learning.
  • I can ask why something has happened.
  • I can learn from my mistakes.
  • I can describe what I have done.
  • I can listen to and learn from feedback.


Effective Learner

  • I can say which decision is better and why.
  • I can consider all the evidence.
  • I can choose the best thinking tool.
  • I can take my time.