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At Greenside Primary School we believe that our curriculum should offer children not only the National Curriculum but life skills and experiences beyond this. As a one and a half form entry school, we usually have at least one mixed class in all phases except for Early Years. As a result, our curriculum has been carefully designed to work over a 2-year rolling cycle incorporating all key objectives from the Early Years Framework and the National Curriculum. The only exception to this is maths, which is taught discretely in year groups. 


Greenside is a school ‘Where Children Come First’ and our curriculum has been carefully constructed with our pupils at the forefront of our minds: through collaboration with stakeholders, we have rigorously re-designed our curriculum with the intent of developing a learning journey that is engaging, accessible and ambitious for all, which responds to the changing contextual needs of our pupils. Through quality-first, responsive and adaptive teaching and learning, we aim to provide an inclusive curriculum that enables all our pupils to succeed in our school and beyond.


From EYFS, subject specific progression maps plot the systemic sequence of the knowledge, skills and vocabulary unique to each discipline and are designed to set out the key building blocks to enable all children to progress through Greenside and be fully prepared for their next phase of learning. We firmly believe in the importance of this progressive acquisition and embedding knowledge within pupils’ long-term memory, this is demonstrated through intertwining our ‘Fab 5’ knowledge retrieval across a broad range of subjects, aiming to support pupils with knowing more and remembering more as the basis for deeper understanding.


Personal development is a fundamental element of pupils’ learning at Greenside Primary School. This is reflected by our 'Greenside Learning Powers' which promote the key learning behaviours and attitudes of being responsible, determined, reflective, resourceful and effective


Our bespoke ‘curriculum drivers' underpin the learning and experiences our children will undertake in all areas of school life and ensure our curriculum offer is enriched. These drivers are personal to our school and reflect the social and educational needs of Greenside Primary School’s context.

Our five key drivers for our school curriculum are:

Curriculum by Subject

Curriculum by Year Group