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At Greenside Primary School, we believe that Design and Technology should be taught in a way that not only develops our pupils’ understanding of the knowledge and skills needed to design, make and evaluate products, but also inspires them to be creative and use their imagination. Our pupils are encouraged to reflect on real-life problems, both as individuals and as members of a team, and are taught to consider the product, purpose and user throughout each project.


Our Design and Technology curriculum has been carefully planned with the intention of developing pupils’ understanding of how to use a range of tools, materials, ingredients and mechanisms to create a high-quality product that meets the given design brief. It also provides children with the opportunity to evaluate their products, considering the views of others to improve their work which develops pupils’ resilience and understanding that not everything will work as expected, and that as designers and engineers, products are continually improved and refined.


Where relevant and possible, our Design and Technology curriculum has a number of cross-curricular links: Science, Maths, Computing, History and Art are interwoven into our DT learning so that children can draw upon their wider knowledge and problem solve across a variety of contexts, developing an understanding of technology from both the past and in the modern world.