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Support for Children


You can approach ANY adult in school to talk about your feelings or things that are worrying you. Miss Brown and Mrs Middleton make up our Child and Family Support Team and are here to listen and help you and your families.



Your safety and well-being both at home and school is our main priority. We work on this through our PSHE lessons. Miss Brown and Mrs Middleton also do a lot of work around relationships, feelings and emotions and are here to support changes or challenges in your life. This may be in a group or an individual session.



You can always come and speak to someone in school, you can also write your name on a slip and post in in our school worry box, which is on the door of the Nurture Room. Out of school time you can complete the 'Talk to us' form on this page, we will then get an email to let us know you would like to speak to us. These messages are checked in the school day.