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English - Spelling Intent


The spelling curriculum at Greenside aims to develop children’s ability to spell words accurately, using their knowledge of spelling rules and common exception words.


At Greenside, children will be:

  • encouraged to look carefully at words and their spellings
  • taught spelling rules and given the opportunity to apply them in their writing
  • understand how the English spelling system works and how its history has influenced our spelling
  • helped and encouraged to develop their confidence as competent spellers
  • develop and extend their vocabulary through shared, guided and independent spelling activities
  • enjoy spelling and recognise its value.


We use the Read Write Inc. Spelling for Years 2-6, which teaches spelling cumulatively and systematically with deliberate, focused practice. It builds upon the teaching strategies and spelling activities from Read Write Inc. Phonics used in EYFS and Year 1. Spellings are taught in discrete 15-minute lessons throughout the week so that children acquire the spelling knowledge as set out in the National Curriculum. This knowledge is embedded through weekly spelling homework and the expectation that it is accurately applied across all areas of the curriculum.