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Opening Times

Each external entrance will be opened at 8.40am and 3.05pm to allow for staggered entry to the building via their designated entrances. A one way system will operate at these times to ease congestion. Please ensure pupils are dropped off at and collected at the relevant gates. 


Reception Gate

Between 8.40am and 8.50am / 3.05pm and 3.15pm

Years 1 and 2 Gate

Mrs Shoesmith/Mrs Percival 8.45am and 3.10pm

Miss Robinson 8.40am and 3.05pm

Miss Johnston 8.45am and 3.10pm

Years 3 and 4 Gate

Mrs Fox between 8.40am and 8.50am / 3.10pm

Mr Khan between 8.40am and 8.50am / 3.05pm

Miss Makepeace between 8.40am and 8.50am / 3.10pm

Years 5 and 6 Gate

Year 5 between 8.40am and 8.50am / 3.10pm

Year 6 between 8.40am and 8.50am /3.05pm


Please could we ask parents/carers to try their best to socially distance when dropping off and collecting pupils where practically possible. 


For all pupils the school day starts at 8.50am.