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Opening Times

Each external entrance will be opened at 8.35am and 3.00pm to allow for staggered entry to the building via their designated entrances. A one way system will operate at these times to ease congestion. Please ensure pupils are dropped off at and collected at the relevant gates. School doors will open at 8.40am and there will be a 5 minute period to allow all pupils to enter the building ready for registration.


Reception Class

Mr Phillips 8.40am and 3.15pm

Mrs Shoesmith/Mrs Clark 8.40am and 3.15pm

Years 1 and 2 Class

Mrs Lonergan/Mrs Ali 8.40am and 3.15pm

Mr Khan 8.40am and 3.15pm

Miss Green 8.40am and 3.15pm

Years 3 and 4 Class

Mrs Fox between 8.40am and 3.15pm

Miss Walker between 8.40am and 3.15pm

Miss Johnston between 8.40am and 3.15pm

Years 5 and 6 Class

Miss Morris 8.40am and 3.15pm

Mr Lockwood/Mrs Percival 8.40am and 3.15pm

Miss Winkley 8.40am and 3.15pm


For all pupils the school day starts at 8.45am and ends at 3.15pm. This equates to 32.5 hours per week.